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Creating Actions WIth Photoshop CS3 Video Tutorial

Save hours of time, use Actions.
Automate Photoshop CS3 workflow by creating Actions. When you create an Action, you record steps, which can be played back later.

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Technorati Why You Should Use It

Technorati is one of the best traffic providers for a blogger.

It makes your blog much easier to find when people search technorati tags.

there have been times where I received over 400 visitors in one hour from technorati traffic.

So how does it work?

Based on the number of people who link to you blog,
your blog is given a rank.

A higher rank gives your blog greater visibility in technorati.
The more people who see your blog, the more people who will visit.

First thing you need to do is, claim your blog

sign up for a technorati account and choose to claim this weblog.

They will ask you to verify your blog by either entering your blog User name and password, or by placing a code into your blog site.

Click the checkbox to select “Include this blog in Technorati’s blog Finder” and fill out as many tags or keywords that represent the content in your blog.

Once finished grab your claim code.
And insert it.

Place your code where people can see it, the more visible the technorati link is the more chances you have for someone to click on it ad you to their favorites.

Add to Technorati Favorites

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New Zune Phone video

I am having trouble with the Domain name switch.

It seems that images are showing up incorrectly or not at all,
I hope it will fix itself in the next few hours .

If anyone has had this problem before, leave a post and tell me how you fixed it.

In the mean time while I try to fix this issue watch the funny videos I have found.

Celebrity Look alike

New Zune Phone

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Free Targeted Traffic For Your Blog

Generating traffic for your blog can get a little annoying sometimes,

with a billion sites on the Internet how does someone find your site? I found a widget that might help bring in targeted traffic
to your blog.

So this new service that claims to get traffic to your blog hassle free It’s called Blog Rush

You place a Blog Rush widget on your site. The Blog Rush widget is a small box that generates links to posts from your blog.
And shows them on other blog sites.

Blog Rush gives you a click credit every time your blog is loaded so you’ll benefit immediately when people visit your blog page.

The service also has a filter to make sure that only posts in your blog category are displayed in your blog You can also exclude specific blogs or keywords from your widget.

Blog rush also gives you a detailed graph displaying how many credits you have, and how many times your link has been displayed on other blogs.

As you can see I have placed the Blog rush widget on my side bar, I will leave a follow post in a few months to let you know how it worked for me

Blog Rush launched in September and looks like a great new way to bring traffic to your site.

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White Hat Seo Strategies

I found a great list of white hat SEO tips
today, over at allsux

I do agree with alot of it and I feel that it is a good read

Single-minded SEO can be an easy and dangerous trap to fall into. Many bloggers fixate on a single strategy when it comes to search engine optimization. Some bloggers frantically scramble for backlinks instead of focusing on good content.

Others try to pack every post with keywords, resulting in keyword density at the expense of legibility. The real key to white-hat SEO in blogging is balance. With that in mind, here are seven strategies every blogger should be aware of and use in conjunction with creating good content.

(1) The headline is the most important part of a post. In my experience, the single most important factor in ranking for a keyword or keyword phrase/string is the headline. One good strategy (employed in this very post!) is to ‘introduce’ the headline in order to increase the number targetting words and phrases.

The first phrase above (Blogging Search Engine Optimization) is a good string to target. The second string is debatable. What would turn up the right result? ‘SEO Strategies Blogger’ is an unusual search string. It might have been better to go for ‘Blogger SEO Strategies,’ but a compromise was reached for the sake of making more sense to a reader and for this example.

(2) Backlinks should be built up naturally over time. Creating comment spam or buying lots of links really isn’t worth your time, energy or money. Greater rewards come from links you could never buy, from high-profile blogs or websites that are attracted to your content.

Moreoever, search engines take notice if a relatively new site suddenly gets powerful backlinks and that site might be penalized for purchasing such links. Don’t expect strong, high-PR backlinks overnight. Be patient, write well, and they will come.

(3) Keyword density is important, but so is long-string keyword or phrase order. It isn’t enough just to target the keywords you want to rank for in every single sentence. In fact, though 3-5% is what most people recommend, that is a tough thing to accomplish. Instead, shoot for longer-string keyword phrases (e.g. ‘longer-string keyword phrases’!).

Mixing up the order from phrase to phrase will not only make for a better blog read, it will also increase the likelihood that you will rank for unusual strings of keywords you may not have thought of (did you notice the variety of search string orderings in this paragraph?).

(4) Latent semantic analysis/indexing in a nutshell: write naturally and use relevant terms. Even if you’re not trying to rank for every word or phrase you use, search engines do look to see if you are using phrases that other sites are using when writing about certain topics. For example: this post is about SEO and mentions latent semantic analysis.

That lets the search engines ‘know’ that I am aware of an important factor in search engine optimization. Using related phrases can help you rank above even more established and higher-PR sites for similar terms. It is a way of ‘rewarding’ people for writing better content, even if the competition is targetting similar keyword strings.

(5) Search engines look beyond your blog on the web - buzz may be important. Various people have analyzed (for example) Google patents and patent applications, and some experts have concluded that Google looks in emails and forums not only for links to blogs but also mentions of them. Applying latent semantic analysis, it is entirely possible that

Google also pays attention to what words are used in conjunction with your blog’s title or url. In short: search engines may even use ‘buzz’ about your site - even if there are no links - to determine what your site ranks for.

(6) Relevant outgoing links are important, just like relevant incoming ones. Search engines look not only at who links to your site, but also who you link to. If you consistently link to sites about something unrelated to what your site is targetting you may,

over time, start losing your rank for the keywords you are targetting. Some off-topic linking is fine, but it is best to keep in mind and link to other sites in your field or niche often. This shouldn’t be too hard to manage, as it makes sense to link to relevant sites!

(7) Most importantly: SEO isn’t everything! While all of these strategies are good to keep in mind, focusing too much on SEO will lose you readers (and respect) over time. Diversification is the key. Always be thinking of your multiple target audiences: regular (usually feed) readers, social media visitors, those coming via natural backlinks and search-engine users. So, whenever you write a new post or page, think about SEO but don’t forget to also think about the diverse visitors who come to your site from all over the web and for all kinds of reasons. SEO is important but content (cliche:) is still king.

Some of these may be old (white) hat to many you, but it’s good to practice a bit with every post. The trick is to have SEO be second nature - a natural extension of your writing. Think of the

Googlebots as another member of your audience, just like your regular readers and other visitors! Communicating with them well is just another thing to keep thinking about

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The Big list Of Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking is one of the top techniques that you can use to promote your website and build more traffic.

as soon as you submit it. It’s up to everyone else that uses each of these sites whether your site stays there or not.

here is the very big List Of list of social book marking sites. Many of these sites will show your site on their home page.

You have to register for these sites before you can submit anything. If I missed any, feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

  1. yoonoo
  2. 30daytags
  3. BlinkBits
  4. BlogHop
  5. BlogLot
  6. BlogMarks
  7. BlogMemes
  8. BlogPulse
  9. BmAccess
  10. browsr
  11. Fark
  12. CiteULike
  13. clipclip
  14. clipmarks
  15. Complore
  16. Connectedy
  17. Connotea
  20. digg
  21. diigo
  22. fantacular
  23. Feedmarker
  24. Feed Me Links
  25. Furl
  26. Gibeo
  27. GoKoDo
  28. Google Notebook
  29. IceRocket
  30. Kaboodle
  31. linkaGoGo
  33. linkroll
  34. Listible
  35. Lookmarks
  36. ma.gnolia
  37. Netvouz
  38. Newsvine
  39. openBM
  40. RawSugar
  41. reddit
  42. Rojo
  43. Rollyo
  44. Scuttle
  45. Shadows
  46. Simpy
  47. Sitetagger
  48. Smarking
  49. Spurl
  50. StumbleUpon
  51. taghop
  52. TailRank
  53. Ticklr
  54. unalog

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How To Get Free Blog Traffic

I wrote an article a few days ago Called "I Want To Digg You. This is a follow up,

Posting articles to Digg can Bring you a lot of traffic, getting them to read
your post and click on a link to your site is the hard part.

If you are to truly take advantage of what this socially driven site has to offer, you need to focus on presentation. How you present yourself can take you a long way.

A Catchy Headline - When trying to get your page Dugg

You want an attention grabbing headline, you also want your headline to include the keywords you are targeting for that post.

If I were to write a post on my blog, about how to bring in more traffic , I would write a headline like “The Secret to Generating More Blog traffic”

I used my keywords “Secret and Traffic” and it is descriptive enough for the post topic.

If I were to write the same article for Digg, I would change the headline to look more

like this - “New way to generate thousands of hits to your website for free

it is more appealing to the Digg crowd because of the catchy headline.

If you noticed, I used the words new and Free those two words

are part of the top 25 (most read/searched) Digg title words.
Some of the other words are:

A Hot Topic - Digg is all about what’s new and exciting.

You want the first paragraph of your post to be a quick description of what’s to follow.

Digg users read the headlines of each page and scan a few key points. There are generally 20-50 headlines per page,

if the headlines don't stand out they will pass it by, and go onto the next index page.

Make it easier for them to do this by breaking up your content into smaller paragraphs and highlighting key points in bold.

So how do you get people to Digg your article? The main key to getting that momentum going is to write an article that offers something unique and noteworthy. A totally unique and original topic is best,

even an already popular topic can get you viewers if you have a unique take. The key is to offer something "viral" that makes others want to get behind it and vote.

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I Want To digg You

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